Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: APP-y Hour

Are you a thirsty 'burgher with an iPhone?


I have a Blackberry that works on its own accord and so I must pass along my knowledge to those more fortunate who can utilize this great new application!

City Paper announced today that a new iPhone app (presented by Coors Light) called Cocktail Compass is now available for download from iTunes!  This app will help you navigate your way through the happy hours of the surrounding area.

This thing looks awesome.  It tells you bar name, bar address distance from where you are, time remaining in the happy hour.  I can't be sure if it gives you pricing options or not (believe me, I wish I could. Someone send me an iPhone and I'll be sure to let you know) but it certainly looks like it may be able to do just that.

Keep in mind you must be 17 to download the application.  Which I find humorous seeing as the legal drinking age is 21...but I'm no mathematician and so I digress.

Needless to say I highly suggest downloading this app if you have the capability!  Any guiding light pointing me in the direction of a stiff drink and a good time is a shining light indeed.

Wait, why am I telling you this? You won't need my Thirsty Thursday posts anymore!

...I mean.......what app?!

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