Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Salem's in the Strip

Every once in a blue moon, PID and I like to cross the bridge and have lunch together. A few weeks back, it was his turn to choose and, after he picked me up like a true gentleman, he whisked me away to Salem's Grill in the Strip District.

Salem's had impressed me at many local foodie expos like GoodTaste! Pittsburgh and Farm to Table, so it was about time I checked them out in person.  It was impossible to miss. Standing out from the crowd in the blander-section of Penn Avenue with it's hyper-colored brick walls and it's motivational graffiti.

We stepped in to a frigid cafeteria (there's no permanent heat at Salem's and it was a nippy April afternoon) and were smacked in the face with the mouth-watering smell of Middle Eastern cuisine.

As I stepped up to the counter, I was overwhelmed in the best possible way. So many meats to choose from. So. Many Meats. The best possible problem to have.

PID and I filled our plates to the brim and I added some Spanikopita for the road.

I chose a combination of Lamb Chops and Tandoori Chicken, served with chick peas and Jasmine rice. Basically, I scarfed it down in .5 seconds and immediately wanted more. Shocker? My chickpeas were the best part of my meal.

Lamb Chops & Tandoori Chicken Combination - $8.99

PID went with the Tikki Masala and loved the insane combination of flavors and spices with the cool yogurt kick.
Tikki Masala Platter - $6.99

The Spanikopita was tough for me as I'm used to the Greek version. It was very earthy and slightly less creamy. I wouldn't get it again, but that's just because of my premonitions.

Spanikopita - $2.50

Restaurant Information:
Salem's Market & Grill

Overall Opinion:
Salem's is a great spot for a quick, affordable, fulfilling lunch. Every bite is filled with flavor and every face is smiling. If you're in or near the Strip, stop by Salem's for lunch.

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  2. Omigosh. I. Love. This. Place. Thank you so much for featuring it! The food is sooo good, and so affordable. AND, their butcher counter on the other side is fantastic!


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