Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Pittsburgh Magazine Best Restaurants Party

You could feel the collective rumbling of bellies emanating through the pavement. I ventured a guess that not one of the hundreds of us in line outside Heinz Field had eaten a regular-sized lunch in preparation for the gluttonous evening ahead.

Through the walled windows above us, we caught a glimpse of the area’s finest chefs salting, sautéing and styling thousands of delicious samples.

It was Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Restaurants Party – an evolving mecca-of-sorts for the food-fanatics and socialites of Pittsburgh proper. PID, a few FORTs and I were among them, armed with anxious appetites.

We ate as much as we humanly could (PID made it farther than us all…). Some Amuse-bouches were amazing, and some left us bemused. But one thing was certain: the culinary creativity in this town is bursting at the seams. We have a few highlights from the evening to share with you all. Bon Appetite…

Cure (Best in Show WINNER) Salmon Tartare

Banana cream pie from Eleven, Salmon sashimi from Umi
Pork tacos with a chipotle aioli from Mad Mex
One of my favorites of the night, Sienna Sulla Piazza, with calamari salad and beet en croute
fresh, lovely bites from Vivo Kitchen
Clockwise from left: Avenue B, Cafe io, Sesame Inn
SAVOY (Best sweet AND savory dish WINNER) with salted caramel chocolate torte and chocolate lobster ravioli
Spicy Soba noodles from Nakama
Goat sliders with Kim Chi from Legume
Burger & Shake from Burgatory (Review coming soon...)
Meatball & mushroom risotto from Joseph Tambellini

There were so many more delicious bites from the nite. You'll just have to check it out next year to see for yourselves! Follow @PittsburghMag on Twitter to stay in the know.

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  1. Speaking of great burgers (which Burgatory definitely has), there's a new joint in South Park that opened back in October. Burgerz and Dogz (BnDz for short) takes an all-natural, hormone free approach to their entire menue. They even offer amazing options for vegetarians and gluton free dieters. I'd recommend checking them out!


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