Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Skinny on Fatheads

On Saturday, PID and I were -- plainly and simply said -- in the mood for a burger. And though we live down the street from a BK Lounge, we knew we were in the mood for a good burger.  So after dropping off the TOP-dawg at his beloved groomers, we meandered down 18th street until we were staring a very round head square in the face.

It wasn't a split decision or a planned out affair.  It was more of a calling. And we answered.

Fat Heads Saloon and Brewery on Carson Street in the South Side is famous for its specially crafted brews and bar grub. Their tap list is epic, it's one of the few remaining places in the 'burgh (aside from Smokin' Joes, The Sharp Edge and Roland's so far as I know) that you can find the deliciously sweet Lindeman's lambic beer and their home brewed beer will quench even the pickiest guzzler's thirst.

But we weren't here for the brews.  We were here for the burgers.

After staring for what felt like hours, mouths agape, at a burger and sandwich menu that seemed to never end, we made a decision. And as the waitress approached to take our orders, we changed our minds for the 12th time.

PID chose the Beasty Burger adorned with an especially spicy beast of a jalapeno barbecue sauce and a thick pile of onions.  Though one bite from me resulted in a quick grab for an ice cold pop...

...PID seemed rather pleased.  Both the patty and special sauce were extra juicy.  Could have used a few less onions and PID left a few on the plate, but other than that it was just right!

I suppose I have a wonderful girl named Kelsey to thank for my lunch as (after a lot of back and forthing between the Wanzco Chicken Sandwich, the plain old Mushroom & Swiss burger) I finally decided that if I'm presented with a burger with a pierogi on top of it, I must indulge.

Lord help me this burger was magnificent.  Accompanied by a special horsey sour cream sauce, this thing looked clunky, but certainly went down smooth.

I have only eaten at Fatheads once before and was lucky enough to get the homemade chips with my order. I'll admit I was sad when I found out you can't substitute for fries with the burgers.  But the horseradish sour cream proved not only a great patty spread, but also a perfect dipping sauce for the fries.

Restaurant info:
Fat Heads' Saloon
Address: 1805 E. Carson Street (South Side)
Phone: 412-431-7433
Hours: 11 a.m. - 1:30 a.m. (except Monday -- only open until midnight, so hurry in)
Reservations:  Please. Just stop by. If you can't get a table just crowd around the bar.
Price: $$

Cliffs Notes:
Drinks:     2 diet pepsis @ $1.50
Meals:      Kelsey Burger @ $8.95
                Beasty Burger @ $7.55
Tax:            @ 7% (Allegheny County only)   $1.40
Tip:          $4.00
Total:      $25.30

Overall Opinion:
Our lunch date certainly hit the spot.  It was just what we were hoping for and more. With so many other delicious looking options on the menu, we're confident this place screams of Pittsburgh culinary pride and have no hesitations recommending it with four very enthusiastic thumbs up. As we walked away filled to the brim, PID let out a belly busting belch that affirmed the satisfaction we'd just experienced.  (OK, it was me. I confess). Any place that offers me pretty much any beer I can possibly ever want, "headwiches" the size of...well...use your imagination, wings with enough punch to power a small boat and burgers as good as we had here today gets my vote.

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