Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Less-Words Wednesday: The Freakin' Allegheny Wine Mixer

Our "pre-game" to a bowling adventure started at none other than The FREAKIN' Allegheny Wine Mixer in Lawrenceville!

Restaurant Information:
The Allegheny Wine Mixer
Address: 5326 Butler Street (right next door to Cure - couldn't think of a better date night.)
Phone: 412.252.2337
Reservations: Not necessary, lounge setting.
Wednesday, Thursday 5pm-12am
Friday, Saturday 5pm-1am
Sunday 5pm-12am

Overall Opinion:
In the wise words of a fellow fort, it's a trendy coffee shop with a drinking problem. And that's totally a good thing. We all felt the vibe in the place through the bubbly bartenders, personable patrons and charming decor. And, ya know, the booze weren't bad either. We shared a smooth South African Shiraz that I've dreamed about since. They also have artisan cheese and meat plates, an extensive tap list, and some yummy looking wine cocktails as well. It's great for drinks before dinner, a classy night out, the start of a fun crawl, or a casual first date. We'll definitely be back!

If I learned anything that night, it was that I handle a bottle better than I handle a bowling ball. But my F.O.R.T.s ain't half bad!

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  1. Thanks for coming by and checking us out. We hope you make it back in to try one of our wine comparisons one day. It's a great way to find your new favorite wine.

  2. I've been meaning to organize a happy hour there for some time now... I might make it happen in January! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  3. After my recovery from dental implants treatment, my cosmetic dentists told me that, that’s only the time that I can drink wine. Because wine could actually contribute complications with its healing process.

  4. The foods and wine looks delish in this place; I will definitely suggest this resto to my friends. By just looking at the resto’s photos I can say that eating in this place will be a good one!

  5. That looks like a real cozy place to stay in for a night out. Not only does it have a great set of seats and tables for the friends, it even has a bowling alley! How cool can that be?

  6. You sure did enjoy here huh? The wine bar is pretty small outside, but seems spacious enough to entertain patrons. I noticed that many wine bars put a wall art museum at least on one side of the walls. Nice place.


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