Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Table is Set

I've got to admit that for the past year two things have been highly influential in my choosing of restaurants to review.  #1 being convenience.  Whether that means it's near our home, on our way to something or a planned evening with FORTs, our busy schedules don't always allow for us to travel too far -- even for the good of the blog.  We're hoping to expand our taste radius this coming year to include a bit more flavor from the North Hills and we'll certainly do our best to do so.  But for now, I've got another pending review from the deep south that's still got to be shared!  And the reason we chose this place is thanks to influencer #2: Groupon.  I'd actually bought this specific Groupon almost exactly 1 year ago and it took me receiving an expiration notice to remember to use it. 

But a few weeks back, PID and I braved the 6 p.m. route 19 traffic and headed to Table Lakeside.

Though we went what felt like mere days before the deck opened for business and nothing was quite yet in bloom, I could tell it would be a fabulous place for outdoor dining.  With an excellent view of the water and a charming patio ambiance, I was sad we couldn't experience it first hand in peak season.

Nonetheless, we were seated in a dimly lit, scarcely populated dining room and greeted by an incredibly charming waitress. We asked her opinion on appetizers and after she gave us a recommendation, we ordered the Gorg' & Crab Polenta as it sounded so unique. 

What a wonderful recommendation she gave.  It was truly something I had never tasted and was anxious to tell ya'll about!  The crab and Gorgonzola cream sauce married incredibly beautifully on the polenta triangles which soaked up just enough sauce to keep the flavor going with every mouthful. Our only wish was that there was a touch more chunks of jumbo lump crab meat.  Very delicious!

Our spirits were high as we awaited our entrees.  Being his second to last day on the current job, PID had a few moments of free time in the office that afternoon and spent it studying the menu -- so he was more than prepared to order the Strip Steak.

The steak came served with a house potato salad and seasoned snow peas. I took a bite or two as per usual and absolutely loved the potato salad. It was very light and flavorful.  Peas were....peas.  But PID very much enjoyed his steak which was perfectly cooked and pleasantly juicy!

I ignored my instincts that originally steered me in the direction of what was referred to as the "Famous Pork Shank" (I tend to gravitate toward dishes prefaced by the word "famous") and decided I was in the mood for seafood (what's new, huh?) instead. So I ordered the special: lobster and halibut steak served with house linguini.

It was this day that I finally learned my lesson.  I always order specials and am rarely pleased.  I will say this time I was at least half pleased! The lobster was buttery and delicious and I wanted nothing but more.  The halibut was extremely bland and the linguini even more so.  I was slightly disappointed as well when I asked for a cracker for my lobster claw to be told that they had none.  But my fork, albeit messy, wound up working just fine.

Restaurant Info:
Table Lakeside (not to be confused with it's counterpart, Table 22)
Address: 200 N. Lakeside Dr, Canonsburg
Phone: (724) 746-1126
Reservations: Likely needed on weekends, especially during the summer. Weekdays, I'd make them on nights they have events, but not really necessary otherwise
Price: $$$

Cliffs Notes:
Guess who lost the receipt? Here are the general prices I know:
Gorg & Crab Polenta @ $10
Strip Steak @ $28
Yep. That's it.

Overall Opinion:
Despite my bland fish and pasta, I'm actually excited to go back.  I genuinely enjoyed the waitstaff, atmosphere and appetizer and PID was quite pleased with this meal.  The menu was vast enough that I could have made far better decisions and have since heard AMAZING things about the Pork Shank that I apparently should have ordered in the first place.  Maybe I'll swing in for Kareoke on the deck some 2nd or 4th Wednesday this summer?! I certainly hope you'll give it a try! Right now, you can get $10 off your meal just for liking them on Facebook!


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