Sunday, February 10, 2013

TOP-five: Valentine's Date Ideas (Win a dining deck!)

Forget the flowers, chocolate and candlelight. Cookie cutter dates are a thing of the past. While I (a foodie fanatic) am still a fan of the traditional fancy meal aspect of a date, I'm far from one to say it should be a snore. So, with the help of my Partner-In-Dine, we've come up with a TOP-five list of unique "Dinner and..." ideas for 'burgh-bound date nights - just in time for Valentine's Day!


Single and ready to MINGLE!? Holla, we got ya covered.

Dinner... at Ibiza (reservations still available via OpenTable)

And a... pajama party! Ready to get back out there? Good. After an amazing tapas dinner with your gal pals or bros, head a few blocks down to The Library, put on your PJ's and bring a picture of your ex. Shred it at the door and you get a free drink. Your PJ's will get you another. Then, get ready to meet a slew of other sexy singles just like you and screw cupid. It's YOUR night!


Dinner... at Braddock's American Brasserie (reservations still available via OpenTable)

And a... show! Snag her tickets to Moulin Rouge. I know what you're thinking: oh, yuck. Ballet. Well first and foremost may I remind you that it takes a REAL man to wear tights and lift ladies that way. You'll be impressed, I promise. And secondly, I can assure you of one thing in this situation: you voluntarily get tickets to a ballet? You win Valentine's Day. You plain win it.


Dinner... at Cioppino (reservations still available via OpenTable)

And a... cocktail! Ladies, this one's for you. I know there ARE some of us out there looking to Sadie Hawkins the crap outta this Valentine's Day and surprise our men. Here's how you do it. Cioppino is sultry and romantic with a menu great for sharing, but get this: it also has an amazing cigar bar. Let your man indulge in a lovely, aromatic cigar before you head less than a block down the street to Wigle Whiskey where you can sign up for a craft cocktail class. Not only will your date be thrilled, but you'll reap the benefits of his new found manliness for years to come.


Dinner... at Bangkok Balcony in Squirrel Hill

And... painting by candlelight! Color Me Mine on Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill is a great date destination no matter the time of year. On Thursday, they're offering a special Valentine's candlelit painting event on complete with refreshments. This year, nothing says "I love you" like a hand-painted plate...that actually says "I love you." Spice up your night with some outstanding Thai cuisine and a delectable martini or two, then head over and craft yourself some brand new flatware!


Dinner and... dancing! Take her for delicious tapas AND salsa dancing all under one roof at Bossa Nova! The wine and the tapas are to die for but, have I mentioned? The dancing part is FREE. Can't dance? Don't worry, she'll just be happy you tried. Plus, the wine is so yummy she may not even notice. BRILLIANT.

There are plenty of unique and exciting date night options in the burgh. The reason today's wasn't quite a TOP-ten was because I want to hear the rest from YOU! 

Tell us YOUR unique Valentine's Day date idea and you could win a free Pittsburgh Dining Deck on us! There are 52 cards in a deck and up to $10 in discounts on each card. YOU do the math. That's a lot of savings.

All you need to do is leave a comment below with your best 'burgh-bound Valentine's Day date idea and we'll pick our favorite idea, share it with our Facebook and Twitter fans (giving you credit, of course), and send you the dining deck!  We'll pick and contact the winner on Thursday morning, 2/14/13.

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day from the TOP team!

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  1. Not the best or most creative but DH and I are looking forward to a romantic dinner out and a movie while the grandparents watch our toddler. ;)

  2. My favorite V-day date night is to spend the day down in the Strip District and grab lunch somewhere. Then go to a bunch of different stores to buy ingredients for a dinner that you cook together at home. Stop at Wholey's or Benkovitz for some fish. Penn Mac for some fresh pasta. Stamoolis for some appetizers. Mon Aimee for some chocolates. It's a great way to spend an afternoon together. Then you get to spend the night cooking with each other!

  3. I would love to have a wonderful meal, take a nice stroll around Phipps Conservatory, and end the evening with dessert (something chocolate, of course!) and coffee snuggled on the couch.

  4. We're doing dinner at Taste of Dahntahn followed by Moulin Rouge!

  5. Pizza Club is having their February Meeting at our recently engaged member s homes. I like sticking to my norm on Valentines Day and spreading love year round :)

  6. Great ideas, gang! We've chosen our winners - Rachita and SarahB! Email me at blake[@]tastetheburgh[.]com and let me know where to send your dining decks AND if you have a Twitter account you'd like for us to credit with your ideas!


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