Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Of Pizza Club: Volume 1

In honor of National Pizza Week 2012, I decided to blog about the best scoring pizza since Pittsburgh Pizza Club's inception. Enjoy!

In May of 2011 Pittsburgh Pizza Club met at Fat Tommy's Pizza in Market Square. None of us had sampled their slices, but we had sampled their smells. It was time to indulge (and invent smell-o-blog).

We had a small, but excited group ready to fill our bellies with some delicious pizza treats! We started off with a large meaty pizza topped with pepperoni and sausage. Fat Tommy's pizzas are generous on the cheese and just the right amount of topping. They are not over loaded or too sparse, so you get a good taste of pizza and meaty toppings in each bite. This pizza may look like it is glowing a little bit in grease, and it probably is (that's what makes it taste so good, right?).
For the next pie, we went with the standard white pizza. Fat Tommy serves his with cheese (mozzarella), cheese (ricotta), cheese (parmigiana), and tomatoes. The pizzas really come together with a crispy thin crust. When talking to the owners and the cook, they let us know that their best sellers and most liked pizzas are their Sicilian pies. Unfortunately for us, they take an extra 20 mins to cook, so we were advised for next time to call in advance.

To finish off the pizza, Tommy suggested that we get just a plain cheese pizza, medium size pizza stretched out into an extra large pie. Now that's a good looking pie and the proud owner :)

When we were wrapping up our meeting and scoring the restaurant and food, Tommy and the other pizza chef overheard us and were shooting for bonus points. Before we could object, a plate full of canoli appeared before us. These were BY FAR the best canoli I have tasted in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I think this was a one time deal. I have gone back since, but they don't usually have them available.

Overall, this was beyond what we expected for a new to us pizza shop (though they recently celebrated their 10th birthday).

Total cost was about $8/person.

The pizza, staff, and atmosphere really made this place memorable and the second best scoring pizza of 2011 at 8.4 overall.

Other awards given: Owner Bonus A++++++

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