Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What You've Missed

In the months that I've been gone from blogging, I swear to you I didn't stop eating. Here are a few delicious morsels from some of my culinary adventures in the downtown Pittsburgh area:

Cuzamil, downtown Pittsburgh -- best salsa in town! (Flautas ain't so bad either)

Six Penn Kitchen, downtown -- scallops were slightly overcooked and some of the food was a little bland, but the pizza was amazing and it was  definitely a fun spot!

NOLA, downtown -- I ate...ALLIGATOR!? And I...LIKED IT!? This place was delicious!

Braddock's Street Side, downtown -- Scallops to die for and THE best brie tart (possibly the only...) I've ever had! (PID loved the fries. crazy kid.)

Don't worry, friends.  There will be plenty more to come...with words...I promise!  We're introducing a few guest bloggers in 2012 and have resolved to visit a wider variety of restaurant types from five-stars to dive bars!  So keep your eyes peeled for some taste-tastic reviews this year!

See you soon...

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  1. Never would I have imagined a reptile would be so delicious. Mmm NOLA


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