Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Of Pizza Club: Volume 2

2010's Best Rated Pizza: Blue Grotto

In November 2010 Pittsburgh Pizza Club stumbled upon some great pies. On a cold rainy night in the 'burgh, we found just what the doctor ordered at Blue Grotto in South Side.

Many of the clubbers had indulged in a late night snack at this joint, but never had we ever had a dinner time meal there.
We came in with a small, but solid crew to put back some slices.

Reason #1 this place rocked:
The fantastic staff!
There was a small staff (of 2) working the night we came in. The person making the pizza was enthusiastic with topping, sauce, and crust suggestions for the club. He was also very interested in giving us an education 0n the styles of pizza they make in the grotto.

Reasons #2, 3 & 4 this place rocked:
The 20" pies featured below
1/2 pepperoni 1/2 meatball
1/2 bianca 1/2 margherita

I really cannot say enough great things about this pizza. The pizza chefs really know how to perfect their craft. The cheese : sauce ratio was on point, the toppings were super fresh, and our member who recently had pizza in Italy said this pizza was the closest in taste to what she had in the homeland. The only small negative we had about the pizza was that it was not as delicious after it cooled to room temp (this wouldn't be an issue for people that ordered appropriate amounts of pizza instead of having huge eyes and stomachs both declaring "NO PIZZA LEFT BEHIND!")

Total cost per person was approx $8 each including beverages.

Overall Blue Grotto scored an amazing 8.5 overall ranking them Best in 2010.

Go there! Eat the pizza NOW! And eat it hot!

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