Friday, June 1, 2012

TOP-News: Kitchen Nightmares In Town!

Not long ago I shared the exciting news that celebrity chef and badass extraordinaire Gordan Ramsay would soon be gracing our fair city with his sarcasm as Kitchen Nightmares was casting HERE IN PITTSBURGH for it's upcoming season!

FINALLY this news has proven to be true! Since Wednesday, Kitchen Nightmares has been filming at Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine in Wilkinsburg and the grand reveal will take place THIS SUNDAY (June 3).

Jean Gould, owner of Ms. Jean's - thanks,

Beginning Monday June 4, Chef Ramsay and crew will be working their magic on Levanti's in Beaver with the restaurant relaunch happening on June 7.


Want to make reservations? You've got to do it through the network.  PID and I will be at Ms. Jean's on Sunday if you'd like to join us! Simply e-mail your name and number in your party to If you're closer to Levanti's, shoot an e-mail to

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