Friday, October 5, 2012

Kickstarter Roundup: Pittsburgh projects YOU should know about

We've mentioned before how cool we think Kickstarter is.

We watched E2 raise enough money to transform their dungeon basement into a hip gathering space in no time. Now we're hoping to spread the word to help a few others on their way to success.

There are actually a few local projects out there right now that I really want to share, so I've decided to lasso 'em together and round 'em up for ya! Yeehaw!

 #1 - The Brew Gentlemen

Just a couple of college juniors who decided to start their own totally awesome brewing business and, after graduating, decided to take it a huge step further by moving to Pittsburgh and renovating a beautiful old Braddock building to nurture that business and allow it to grow. No big deal.

Asa and Matt are pretty proud of their "little" project and are looking for our help to renovate the building and install a bigger brewing system (which means even yummier beer). There are two ways we can help wtih that:
  1. Donate to their Kickstarter campaign directly.
  2. Head to TAPPED: Braddock this Saturday October 6 from 2-9 on John Street and buy some delicious beer. We'll be there! Will you?

#2 - Crested Duck Charcuterie

Who doesn't love Sunday Brunch? The quacks behind Crested Duck Charcuterie sure do, and they're striving to bring it to the lovely people of this great city. Currently, Crested Duck sells their top-notch, one-of-a-kind meat and deli products at their Deli & Butcher Shop in Beechview as well as the Pittsburgh Public Market, and occasionally hosts delectable Friday night gourmet dinners.  But they've got dreams for so much more.

CDC is hoping to receive USDA Certification which will allow them to sell their products in more places (like our favorite grocery stores) which will make it easier for US to chow down on their meats and cheeses to our heart's content. Thanks to the popularity of their Friday dinners, they also want to start serving Sunday Brunch. So this is a BIG win-win for all of us.

With 16 days to go, they're about halfway to their kickstarter campaign goal. Let's help them get there so we can reap the benefits!

#3 - Steel City Improv

Giving a whole new meaning (or was it the original meaning...) to "Laughing Out Loud." Steel City Improv has found a wonderful new home in Shadyside and are looking for your help to make it all perdy and stuff.  I actually have a few quality F.O.R.T.s that are chronic improvers, so I'm a little biased on this one. They've already reached their kickstarter campaign goal, but they're striving for more to make the new digs all the more enjoyable.  Too bad we can't raise money to make them funnier.... ;)

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