Friday, May 21, 2010

Fresh Baked Friday!

Do you own/know of/absolutely adore a local breakfast joint or bakery you feel is worthy of sharing with the rest of the 'Burgh?  (C'mon, don't keep those baked goods all to yourself!)

Feel free to e-mail me your experiences, photos, feelings or suggestions.  Downtown Pittsburgh locations are best, but if I can't make it in to try it out myself, I can always make you a guest blogger!

Today's edition: The Crazy Mocha Muffin.

I've chosen Cranberry today, which is a daring move for me -- the blueberry queen of America.  But alas, there were no blueberry muffins this morning.  While I was a bit nervous initially as the last one in the bunch didn't appear to have many (or any) cranberries on the surface, I was more than pleasantly surprised upon first nibble to find a more than sufficient amount waiting for me inside!

HOWEVER -- anyone who knows me will tell you I cannot and will not eat or smell or even look at an orange or anything flavored that way.  So morning munchers beware:  the Crazy Mocha Cranberry Muffin is, in fact, the Crazy Mocha Cranberry with-a-slight-bit-of-orange Muffin.  It was not so much that I had to toss it (who would do such an awful thing), but it was enough that I had to close my eyes mid-nom and think of a marsh full of cranberries and nothing else.

That being said, I must admit that I am very rarely disappointed in any baked good (or Chai Latte for that matter) that Crazy Mocha serves up, and with more and more popping up around the county (I believe I counted 26, now?!) it's becoming a Pittsburgh staple!

Cliffs Notes:

1 Cranberry with-a-slight-bit-of-orange Muffin: $1.97
Tip: (I go there a lot and rarely tip, it was time) $1.00
TOTAL for one:  $2.97

Overall Opinion?

Of course I love Crazy Mocha.  It's my first Fresh Baked Friday blog for a reason!  It may not be a bakery or even technically a "breakfast joint" -- it's more of a coffee oasis -- but I'm going to start with what I know and what I love.  CM is the only place I order coffee or tea as it just tastes more fresh than the others.


MOVE OVER STARBUCKS!  The goat is barreling through!


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