Friday, May 28, 2010

Fresh Baked Friday: Back to Blueberry

Happy Friday!  So it's time for "Fresh Baked Friday" already -- I feel as though I just FBF'd it yesterday!  My how busy weeks fly!

Today's fresh baked feature is an old friend of mine and personal favorite.  I was still in college back during my days of working the Walnut Street retail circuit which meant no toaster or stovetop and therefore no omelets or toast for breakfast.  So when I was scheduled to open the store, it meant one thing: a stop a Prantl's Bakery on the way.

Prantl's is a small but stacked baked-good paradise complete with handmade delights from Cannoli to sheet cakes. If you can dream up any type of sweet, chances are good that they have it at Prantl's.  My tendency was to ask whoever was tending the case to simply grab a box and walk with me as I picked and chose from a plethora of these goodies. But my favorite? As always, the blueberry muffin.

I made a very exciting discovery upon recently starting my new job in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh: Prantl's has a SECOND glorious location in Market Square (just below an insanely fabulous Mexican restaurant that I'll be sure to blog about soon...)!!   I was delighted this morning to discover  that my team members had a a box full of treats ready to share when I made it in to the office.  And, was it my lucky day? The infamous blueberry muffin had not yet been swiped...

It may look funny, but believe you me -- this muffin will knock your socks off.  Prantl's muffins are the lightest, fluffiest, softest, freshest muffins in town. They don't crumble, they melt apart.   I've got to assume -- and will one day remember to ask -- that they are made with fresh berries.  Nothing once frozen could taste that sweet and juicy.

So if you're looking for a cake to please a crowd, pastries to cure a hunger pang, or a muffin to start your morning, be absolutely sure you don't overlook Prantl's.

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