Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Food IS Art

Looking for a less-than-obvious place to find great food? Just look for great art.

I skipped across the Blvd of the Allies for lunch outside on Monday.....there were a few choices.

I settled on something called "edible salad bowl" $10 (plus $1 per extra meat).  Edible salad? I certainly hope so... but start with a freshly baked taco bowl, add a few tongfuls of this HEAPING bowl of salad, top it off with a mix of grilled veggies, chicken and shrimp and throw in a dollop of light sour cream and it's more than edible. It's delectable.  Look for them on the Point side of the festival.

Although it was quite satisfying, I was not satisfied.  And so the only logical solution was to go back on Tuesday.  But this time I was determined to dig deep and find something....exciting! And that is exactly what I did.  I was distracted by amazing photography, vivid paintings, metal welding and some really cool clocks...but hidden deep in the depths of the arts fest (between the back of the Hilton and the KDKA newsroom) lay a treasure.....

LOBSTER BURGERS?!?!?!?!!! Sign. Me. Up.  I ordered one for $8 (want a combo with fries and a salad? tack on $2) and, just to test my stomach, an order of -- wait for it... -- coconut shrimp! (also $8)

I refuse to exaggerate, but I must tell you this was, by far, THE VERY BEST LUNCH I have EVER eaten.  EVER.  I threw in a $5 freshly squeezed lemonade and snagged a bench in the park to make it an authentic "arts fest" meal.

Personally, I was spent. I couldn't have been happier with my meal.  But if you've got a sweet tooth, you will not be left wanting.  A few parting photos to tickle your tastebud fancy...

See you at the Three Rivers Arts Festival!  (Hurry!! Only 5 days left!)

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