Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: enjoying a New Moon cocktail at the Eclipse premier!

Last night we spent 8 straight hours at the movies watching the first two Twilight flicks followed by Eclipse at midnight! Between showings, we went the Loews Club above the theater where one f.o.r.t. ordered yummy looking Southwest Chicken Egg rolls, and another opted for a delicious looking burger and the best seasoned french fries I've tasted in a while.  I ordered a cocktail appropriately named the "New Moon:" Pear vodka, blue curacao, sours and sprite.

Almost as delicious as Jacob!

Drink: (@ $6.50)
Movie: (@ $30 for all three movies and a $10 AMC gift card in return)

GO SEE ECLIPSE!! (Even if you're a man.)

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