Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

It's Thursday and I wish it were Friday.

I am in dire need of a happier hour.

Today, once I finally depart from my second consecutive 11+ hour business day, PID and I will be attending the Pirates game....likely to witness their 11th consecutive loss.  I do believe I'm going to need a drink.

Thank you so much to Living Pittsburgh for enlightening me on not only the things I can do for free in this town, but for breaking down local Happy Hours by region.  I simply clicked on "Central-Downtown" and found a list of great places that I can sneak in and grab a quick drink (for a cheaper price) before heading in to the game (and paying $8 for a crappy light beer).

Tonight I think I'll be headed to Olive or Twist on 6th street where I can sip a signature martini like the French Twist (vodka and raspberry Chambord with a splash of pineapple - oooh la la!) for only $4.

If anyone cares to join me I'll be at the bar... 6:15, but only for a few minutes.  It doesn't take me long to savor anything involving raspberry AND pineapple. After that, look for the girl shaking her head in shame in section 106. No... the other girl shaking her head in shame in section 106.

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