Monday, April 30, 2012

They see me rollin'...

During a recent trip to Giant Eagle, PID and I noticed that Pillsbury biscuit and crescent roll products were on sale at three for $5 so, of course, we snagged six. What this means is that we had quite the unnecessary excess of reduced fat crescent rolls. I half expected the Dough Boy to pop out and poke US in the belly button.

After two nights of the same supper sidekick I got to thinking -- there's got to be SOMETHING more I can do with these crescent rolls. So I began to brainstorm.

For those (very few) of you who happened to have read my other, lesser tended-to blog, you might find one of these recipes vaguely familiar. But not both! So stick around...

I dug around in my fridge (as I tend to do when I'm feeling creative....or lucky...) and found nearly empty jars of basil pesto and sun dried tomato spread.  PERFECT! Neither jar yielded enough to make anything substantial, but the remaining tablespoon or two were just right for what I had in mind.  I kept digging and noticed a package of crumbled feta cheese. Score!

I simply stretched out each crescent triangle just a bit further than I normally would have, coated the bottom with the sun dried tomatoes, spread a bit of pesto on top of that, sprinkled a few crumbles of feta on top, rolled and baked for 13 minutes at 350 degrees.

These four simple ingredients, when rolled together, produce deliciously complex flavors that couldn't possibly have been created in 13 short minutes, but totally were. These suckers were a great little side dish but would also make for an excellent hors'devours or a healthy snack.

Another idea: try goat cheese as yummy alternative to feta OR make your own pesto by using fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

But these savory treats aren't the only gloriously delicious things that can come of reduced fat Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Oh no. If you've stocked up like I have and are looking for a deliciously simple dessert, look no further than what you've (likely) already got in your refrigerator.

Have a Hershey bar lying around or some chocolate fudge in the fridge? I'm sure you've got a favorite jam, jelly or preserve, right? Well, roll those two in your crescent rolls, bake (13 minutes at 350), and voila! The cheapest, easiest homemade dessert you've ever had. I used my absolute favorite, Guava jelly and became instantly addicted.

Another idea: try tossing some Fluff into the mix and consider dusting them with confectioners sugar.

So there you have it!  Two simple solutions to a surplus of Crescent rolls and two VERY simple and affordable treats that the entire family will enjoy!

If the rolls are still on sale, snag 'em and give these guys a try!

What are your favorite time and money saving snack tips? Share them with me here on on my Twitter and I'll share them with my readers!

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